On Love, Violence, and other Truths.

Is love the basis                                                                                         For unforeseen emotion?

“I can’t see a thing!” But my psychopomp seems absent once again.

Surrounding us                                                                                                 are the living things…

And I’m frequently accosted by the same dead tree.



My point? Not sure if I have one. I’m a gentle person with a violent streak. A violet streak? And how many ways I’ve misdirected that rage! I had to find a healthy outlet. Writing is one thing but not exactly satisfying to the physical aspect. I’m celibate these days so rape is out of the question. (And if you take me seriously enough to be averse to that statement, you should be in church or a cooking class and not exposing your fragile psyche to one so frequently abrasive as I.) 1. l.

What is not so satisfying as a calm stroll through the sports section? followed by a careful selection in produce? Knock it. Sound good and hollow? Now calmly purchase that watermelon and baseball bat. Are you whistling a happy tune? Not already feeling better? Giggling to yourself, even? Gallagher must have had some serious fucking issues.

But beneath all the anger lies something most pure but easily misidentified. Pain, hurt. Just cry that shit out. Less harm in it. More therapeutic. No shame in it?? For every salty tear is a thought, crystallized and released. Let it go, eh? Perhaps, if we can cut all that dried up dinosaur sadness out of our diets.




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