Again and Again

Catastrophe! Again Again. Let’s handle it like we’re well rehearsed. Years left us well versed in confrontation, and the soul is not compatible with matter. Welcome, Again; We’ve come to fight a war! For here the living count as casualties alone. I count for hundreds of them, Again Again.
Give me Liberty or give me death!

Dumb as a mule. No inseparable pair! No retribution. You both know that freedom is impossible here!

God, Everything is sick. I purge Again and Again for the hard hard climb ahead. Judgement is skewed. To try living, knowing pain. I goddamn fucking dare you! There will be a retribution Again. I can watch you go insane Again.

Granted with pain to sprout the leaves on a tree. Because we'll always have the time and our subject of study's free supply. Days you don't squirm well enough. Again and Again. Only because there are times, in rare instances, to find the words. I cast then down the staircase again.

Enough! Some god. And just as I thought. Pleasure derived from sinners’ wails! I see here you’ve set a trap to lead us bodily. Temptations to derail us spiritually. Cruelty to add to any load echoes of a mind with half a mind lead me down the stairs. Childhood crimes against the sacred. A door set to open to profane again: More Snares! How clever.

We are all doomed. Again and Again.


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Filed under mad ruminations, poetry, prayer, schizophrenia, writing

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