In the blue

Descends upon
  Open meadows.

In the midst of morning
misty Rites of Spring
 ascend on the
  warming air.

  Starts his climb.

Don’t look down!
   A laugh.

   Meadows fall.

Skywalker loses his footing.

Clouds loosen the rain.






Filed under nature, poem, poetry, writing

4 responses to “SkyWalker

  1. It is but the diction serving as representations and helping with the mental pictures are cute from the skywalker to blue to meadows to clouds and rain.

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  2. I suppose what I was going for was something larger than life, describable only in terms of nature. I might call it a “softness.”
    Still, I want my poems to touch upon people personally. I want the story and imagery to be different for each person who reads them. That, to me, is the sign of a poem that’s actually worth something. So, long story short, I’m glad to hear that you saw this in your own original way. And appreciate the feedback.


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