Some Crappy Pics of a Good Time

140824_0004Yesterday, my buddy Matt took Briley and me to this little tucked away gem of entertainment. (At least for those who like animals, the childish at heart, or anyone who wants to rally the hell out of a golf cart.)

Jungle Run? Not quite. More like petting zoo. Hidden behind a mini-golf course that I’d visited before, and still never knew about the real attraction down the hill. 
To start, everything is cheap as hell. You can choose to walk around the petting zoo or rent a golf cart or two. Eight bucks a pop if you want to ride. The trail is gravel and often darts into the forest, with wooden bridges and all kinds of fun shit. Minimal supervision. Bags of corn for the animals are only a quarter a piece. 
One thing I love about this area; most things are beyond cheap. 

140824_0008Goats and peacocks were running loose. We all watched our corn supply begin to dwindle.


Ahead, a towering beast named Ahab awaits. This guy was actually pretty gentle and a bit of a charmer. Though he did try to break down the fence when he knew we were trying, in vain, to save enough corn for the attractions ahead.

140824_0009 140824_0010


We somehow managed to escape the camel with half a bag of food left. 

140824_0013There is no way that no one has tipped their cart speeding through here. The trail takes some disorienting turns in the forest and..


God Damn It! We’ve circled back around to the camel. He wants food. His eyes won’t let us leave. We manage to save about a handful apiece. 

140824_0014 140824_0018 140824_0019

We really had to work to make that shit last. This is only half of the gaping mouths we saw that day.


These two (Newfoundlands?) were like the shepherds of the herds and flocks. They didn’t want any corn.


These are the feathers I brought home. The large one has at least 19 inches on it. I don’t think it’s a bird of prey, as their feathers are usually pointed at the end. I could be wrong though. I’m no bird expert. Though I’m pretty sure the other’s a peacock feather. Don’t they symbolize love or something?

140824_0022With that I leave you.


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