Mundane Frustrations Vol 1 of 73,001,137

My internet connection is flowing like a convalescent with kidney stones.

I blame the fucking Windows 8 laptop I paid more than a drop in the bucket for. Makes my entire DSL connection go berserk. Tried changing routers, providers. Not that. And it’s only my home network too. I can go to the coffee shop, library, wherever else. Then the damn thing works like a real wifi enabled device.

I gave my roommate my old laptop and I still use it more than he does.

Then there’s my cell phone.

Some days it just goes down. All of it. Can’t call, text, not even a data connection. Tried everything from resetting it to throwing it across the room. Only occasional luck. Roommate has the same service provider and his shit works fine. I probably need a new phone.

Occasionally the stars malign and the whole bloody system goes down. Phone, internet, sanity. I could always walk to the neighbor’s, go to a payphone, find some parking lot wifi. Don’t always feel like it. Not always capable. 

Definitely caused some worry amongst those that care about me. …People that care–still not something I’m entirely used to. It’s a good thing. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s been my saving grace a few times. It’s also been a huge source of frustration: knowing someone’s out there worried about you and it becomes important to reassure them that you are indeed fine. It becomes a true mission when phone and internet are down. 

I don’t know where I’m going with this. Will it publish? I’ve got $5 bucks saying that it will. And if it doesn’t I’ve lost no bet. No one will be aware the bet was made. 

No one’s taken me seriously on this yet. Yet seriously I’m considering getting a carrier pigeon. If nothing else, I could train it to fly to a friend’s less than a couple miles away, with a message he could then relay onward digitally to any specified destination.

There are the hawks though. Generations of them. And not only have I seen a bald eagle out my window . . . I even found one of his feathers in my yard. 

Still not deterred. 




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2 responses to “Mundane Frustrations Vol 1 of 73,001,137

  1. b here! is your phone not working?


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