Was I going to write something?

It’s possible I may be spamming today so get used to it. Feel like going on about the whether and shit. No one’s home. Briley’s at work. Dont wanna play with the cats right now.
Some trouble focusing so I’ve decided to base my poetry around random images I found on Google. I am far too disorganzied atimes to start writing down credits and shit. If you know where all this come from give me a nice hauler.


Those ancient alchemical things
one third enough for me
something alive in twined
without constant combine
in the pillar of the mind.
To rise between them
Luckily hear and there
an introspection where 2r1.
the simple little symbols
just tale me i ought to try
the art of overheeling.
I should try the art of overhealing.
I should find a grinny pig.
With my wand to
take down those microscopic
myopically challenged
disastrous themes.

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Filed under heeling, magic, poem, poetry

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