GodDamnIt! (An Ode to Sleep)

Eight hours. And I must have died during all that time. I don’t remember a thing. Hints of a dream that I can’t grasp. But more must have happened before the daybreak. An unusual thing to take a headache away. What a surprise when my head’s not in a vice. But it’s finally coming back and it was all more than I could have asked for anyway.
And I’m still not sure what I can manage today and what sort of opportunities taken away. Just sixteen cubed inches turns into six billion cubed light years. Incapability turned distance. Much too much a traverse when my head fucking hurts. 
So what sort of little things are stretching space and binding my wings this time? On the Line? Well, I suppose I could try. Which way to start walking today? I’m stuck in a valley and a climb is mandatory to escape this repetitive loneliness laboratory.


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One response to “GodDamnIt! (An Ode to Sleep)

  1. sixteen cubed inches? I’m really thinking in four dimensions this time.


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