On Lunacy

My evening has thus far consisted of napping, eating chocolate and jellybeans, and achieving absolutely nothing productive. Not that a default level of ‘productive’ for me is productive by others’ standards. I don’t exactly spend my days lounging but I’m not out building an ark either. I just try to avoid too much of anything that feels like a waste of my time. 

Nothing I’ve written has seemed worthwhile today. Don’t know why. Brain chemicals? That would explain the chocolate. And I only now realized it’s a full moon. I do not believe lunacy is a myth. Hospital staff, police officers, or anyone watching over the behavior of a population, get together and talk about that kind of shit on their lunch breaks. I’ve heard it quite a few times in a few places. 
And I experience it myself. If I ever feel that I’m getting something resembling PMS, all I need do is glance out the window if it’s a clear night and often my suspicions will be confirmed. It no longer surprises me.
I guess technically, you could call it FMS and I get it once a month, every month. That’s. . .sad? Funny? Both? Funny but, sadly it’s usually both. 

I have my theories regarding this phenomenon involving the magnetic field and consciousness but I’m not going into all that tonight. I have to go out for more candy. 
You all think I’m fucking crazy anyway.


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