I don’t have a damn thing going on! Hard to believe right? Well I’m tired of writing, even though, look what I’m doing! Don’t feel like reading or sleeping, or eating or even thinking for that matter. A real lack of motivation? Nope. Just not tired, not hungry and thinking’s going to plague me whether I like it or not.
Lonely I guess. I don’t know why this always happens around the time when everyone I normally talk to has gone to sleep. I mean, I can go days without talking to anyone, (at least before I met Briley). That includes my roommate, it’s never bothered me. Maybe it’s not the fact that people have gone to bed now, it could be it’s just that time of night when I would have one day been headed out, off to some mindless adventure devoid of any real love or meaning. So I feel lonely when I get that desire for things that just aren’t me anymore? I don’t know tonight. I’m not sure if I even care. 
Anyone want to shoot the shit? Dead serious. I’ll be right here, staring holes in the wall.



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11 responses to “Thoughtless

  1. You’re not alone in that feeling. It happens to most people. I have my fair share. Just know you’re not alone, as you think of loneliness in that not you, someone somewhere has a mentality of ending his life. Life is life, might not know what others are going through until you hear them.

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    • I like your view. I think I know what you’re saying. I can empathize with a good majority of the lonely people in the world. And I’ll be fine. Hell, the sun will be up in a few hours!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I get paranoid sometimes when no one replies to my posts. But then again, I am crazy and all…

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      • All geniuses are crazy. You’re just a normal person which extraordinary skills. Blessings.

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        • On a good day, perhaps, when I’m feeling especially narcissistic I could say those things about myself. But there is real insanity right along with it. Makes things difficult for me because I can’t possibly be classified as one or the other.
          For example, I can be fully lucid and try to connect and share deep notions with people, and someone will say “You’ll have to excuse Johnny. He’s schizophrenic.” And I’m never taken seriously again.
          On the other hand, it can be hard being told you’re not sick. It’s a fight to keep myself grounded if no one else is there to help me. And there’s nothing worse for a schizophrenic than being convinced by someone you trust that what you’re seeing and feeling is as real and significant as it all seems. Instant madness, just add water!

          By the way, I am not suggesting that you have interpreted me as either of the above. If anything I enjoyed your response as it prompted a hell of a reply on my end.
          Simply put, I’m rambling.
          Blessings hurled right back at you!

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  2. To an extent, I agree with you. We’re all sick inside.
    Although not everyone hears phantom sounds ranging from a whisper to several voices screaming at once, during every waking moment of every day. It gets so bad I have to use candle wax to plug my ears.
    Not everyone has had their house collapse on them out of fucking nowhere. I’ve felt the pain and watched my guts and blood spill out only to find out half a moment later that it never happened.
    Not everyone has a demon in their living room that no one else can see that often demands books and cookies, lest he become violent.
    I could go on.
    These things, I think, are what make me a little more psychotic than most.
    😀 😀


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