Duck duck Goose

I’m home.
Didn’t take very long, did it? Guess a change of meds was enough to get me back on my feet. They replaced my Seroquel with Risperdone*, halved my Effexor dosage and put me on the classic mood stabilizer Lithium. It’s working but, Lithium is one of those drugs that demands regular blood tests and check-ups. Even slightly incorrect levels in my blood could cause severe side effects, possibly even cause kidney or thyroid failure.
They started me on 150 mg. Turned my whole fucking world around. Before discharge today the doc upped me to 300 mg twice a day, a dosage that I’m not quite comfortable with until I can follow-up with my primary care physician. If he says 600 mg a day is alright, then I’ll take it. Until then I’m intimidated by the stuff, and besides, it’s working pretty fucking well already.

Did a bit of writing while I was in. Not too much. I plan on posting some of my thoughts later — dated and time stamped of course. As for tonight, I’ll probably spend this time winding down and bloody relaxing. Hospital stays aren’t all fun and games you know. At least it was a regular hospital’s psych ward this time and not the State Hospital/ Penitentiary of Doom. Wasn’t too awful.Wasn’t fun.

Things are going to be alright though. Or so I’m told by my current brain chemical arrangement.


(*Edit: Don’t know where I got Depakote from. It’s Risperdone they put me on.)


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