Flashback 6

Heaven has
A Divine

September 17 — 11:25 AM

I saw the psychiatrist for the second time this morning. I can barely recall seeing him the first time, but I must have, him being the only one able to prescribe medication in this place. He remarked how much better I seem to be feeling. Fuck yes I feel better. Worlds better. He told me that I might be able to go home today, depending solely on what my roommate has to say, of all people.
Well, we’ll just see how this goes down.
I decided this morning that I could handle staying another day if I had to. And no anger. No rage. No tears either. Damn Lithium. Haha!
Am I finally myself or the opposite?
Did “God” make me crazy and mad with rage? Or was I born to be healthy and strong? Has nurture, not nature, caused all my sufferings?
However you look at it, is it possible that divine order ISN’T to blame?

Overwhelmed my


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