Flashbacks 4 & 5

Trans-dimensional estimations
Fall short of several suns.
Burning like heated projections.
Trajection, but which direction?
Too much to unravel
For singular lonely travelers
Like this only son.
“”September 16 — 8:50 PM

Oh boy, a roommate!
“I get nightmares.” he says.
“Well that’s understandable.” is my reply, but meanwhile I’m thinking, “Well, that’s just great!”
Even though I do understand. All too well.””

My hospital roommate was alright actually, and although I didn’t know it, I only had one night left in that place anyway. He didn’t have nightmares that night because, as he later told me, he didn’t manage any sleep at all. I didn’t get much myself, and he wasn’t at all to blame for it.

“”September 17 — 3:25 AM

Can’t sleep, although my roommate has been pretty cool and minimally disturbing. He told me his brother had recently hung himself and that he’d just been a little messed up and a lot overwhelmed ever since. He has given the nurses absolute hell since he arrived and I’ve secretly enjoyed seeing it all unfold.
I believe what’s keeping me awake is the Lithium. And what a dream! Brothers, ATV’s, swimming pools, and cellular obsessions. I’ve been dreaming of brothers a lot. As an only child it makes little sense but as a Gemini it means something to me. Based on what I know about myself, this is a sign of a true, new, inevitable conjunction, or perhaps a schism?
Something must change. This I know. Whatever shifts in the darkness of subconscious renderings is meant to be. Unavoidable. Meaningful, somehow.
But what does it mean for me?””


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