O Green World

and The Lyrics to accompany:
(a bit convoluted and vague as is their typical style)


O green world,
Don’t desert me now
Bring me back to fallen town
Where someone is still alive

I hope for something new in this
When no one needs to haunt me and I’ll
Get out somewhere other than me before…

(than me before…)

O green world
Don’t deserve me now
I’m made of you and you of me
But where are we?
Oh no

Sells to lie
Phone with talk, you stars
Suppose you
Down when you’re in fast
Cause it seems so little to you

But now you’re in love, you know
You know, me too
You know, me too
I hope sex and drugs rust into my. . .
Feels holy
It feels holy
It feels like you’re with your father in the place you love…



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