I Said I’d Do It, But No One Believed Me

I’ve been interrogating these taters since my last post. (Don’t worry, I’m not serious. This is all a big joke. Laugh damn it.)

141001_0002I could tell the tater on the left was the weaker of the two. What better way to break him than to watch me burn his buddy with matches? The fun was ended with a swift stab above the eye. Poor left tater could only scream and vomit simultaneously.

141001_0005Unfortunately for him I still don’t have the information I need. He swears oblivion. Fine, Mr. Tater. I’ll soon proceed with the water boarding.

(Oh, and I know there are hungry people in the world. I fully intend on feeding these to my roommate later. Worst case scenario I can peel them, boil them, and mash them. More torture in itself. There will be no tossing of food just for the sake of silly photos.)



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3 responses to “I Said I’d Do It, But No One Believed Me

  1. Cook them, then play with them…with butter and sour cream.

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  2. Megha Patel

    Hahahahahaha! You made my day!

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