Kitten Trips

I adopted a stray cat yesterday, or at least, tried to. She’s a beautiful little tortoise-shell and I’m not sure if she’s a cat or a kitten; her being so small and frail. She must have been on the verge of starvation. Her long fur hides it well, but you can feel every bone in her body. If I were blind I’d now have a good idea exactly what a cat skeleton is like. I named her Ginny, pronounced like guinea, because, well, she’s as wild as a guinea, not because of her demeanor–she’s sweet as hell–but because she must have been surviving in this forest for at least a few weeks.
I’ve been careful what and how much I feed her due to the risk or re-feeding syndrome. That’s what happens when your body is in starvation mode, and can’t adjust quickly enough to using food as fuel again. It can easily be fatal. I’ve also been giving her some milk to boost her phosphorous levels. She’s loved everything I’ve given her and wants more, but too much food at once can be dangerous.
I don’t have a picture of her because, well, my roommate returned home from work early after picking up his paycheck–he’s got some sort of virus and now I’m pretty positive I’ve caught it as well–and she darted out the door before he knew what was happening. He tried grabbing her, but she sprinted down the street and back into the forest.
I’m going to have to go looking for her later. She is way too skinny to be out there alone. I know she didn’t mind being here. I’ve met few cats who seemed so loving and so thankful. She must be a free spirit, unable to abandon the wilds for the comforts of a home. Now I miss her, and I’m worried about her. This reminds me of the fox from The Little Prince. I’ve tamed her and now she is special to me, and perhaps I am to her. She certainly led me on if I’m not!
I wish I had a picture. If I did, I would be able to print out flyers and hand them out around the neighborhood. I’d even offer a reward! It wouldn’t be much–I’m broke–but I’m sure I could handle fifty bucks. I wouldn’t spend that on myself right now, but I would for her. I’ve fallen in love. I can’t bear to imagine her starving to death, or being attacked by a bobcat or a pack of coyotes. Damn nature. Damn love. Damn cats. Damnit damnit!

–Liberal Damnder


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