Train wreck tripping.
no substance required,
the fear sets in,
cold follows.

No amount of heat
Will ever cover this loss.

You try to cull the fear…
But no amount of heaving
Will eliminate the feeling.

Something is terribly wrong.
So so wrong.

Excruciating breath.
You’ve no choice
But to feel.

Your very soul
Hitches a ride with
Every exhale.

Terrifying world.
You try to distract,
Even SpongeBob
Becomes a divine tragedy.

No escape.
Closed eyes
Held breath
Heat cranked…

Vine entwined trees
With roots so deep
Die beyond your eyes.



Filed under anxiety, cold, darkness, fear, hallucinations, insanity, pain, poem, poetry, psychosis, schizophrenia

2 responses to “Psychosis

  1. I feel I’m having psychosis. Good painting of emotion Johnny.


    • Thanks. In its most basic form psychosis is an extreme loss of touch with reality. The experience is unique for all who experience it, though I’m sure it’s almost always terrifying. This was just a hearkening back to one of my many experiences, but no longer a part of my life. I couldn’t be more thankful.
      You seem to always be there for others, but I want you to know, I’m around anytime you need an ear. Psychotic or not. 🙂


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