Effing Joy!

A quick update here.
Mintkey has improved 100%. She’s back to leaping gracefully here, there, and everywhere. No signs of a fever. She’s been playing like mad and eating everything in sight. I’ve got my best friend back.
It’s possible I could have jumped the gun with all my worrying. It’s become my new complex these past few years. Damn my deceptive brain. Perhaps I have some sort of anxiety disorder–or perhaps I just think too much.
I’d like to know who wouldn’t be worried, being placed in the same situation.

No matter. Mintkey’s back to her old self. That’s a fucking world of weight off my shoulders and my heart. I have a soft spot for animals. Always have. Perhaps it’s because I know how it feels to be helpless.
Humans are so easy to become averse to, with all their words and self-expression, and self-deceptive lies. Animals are so simple; so innocent; so accepting of the moment–not to mention cute as hell. Wish I could be like that.

–A ball of self-expressive, self-deceptive lies


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