Something Warm

I went out tonight, looking for something I secretly hoped not to find. But still I went. I drove thirty miles but your door was locked. At first I just went home, hung my head in defeat. Shuffled my feet making sparks of fabric heat, but no relief. Another beauty flashed through my mind and I acted on it. So now I’m sitting here in this diner, at a table with these people who only want to swallow narcotics and talk about sex, because she’s here, and whenever she offers me coffee I always say yes. Wide awake. Teeth grinding. Didn’t need it. Don’t need it. Her young punk of a boyfriend sits at another table, eyeing me with jealousy, though all I want is just a little more coffee to get me through the night, because it’s just me and the caffeine, sending my blood into ignition.


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One response to “Something Warm

  1. Wow not healthy Johnny. I’m sure many women will adore you. Get a good one. Rooting for you from afar.


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