It’s official. Mintkey is in heat. She’s insistent on some loving but there’s no one there to give it to her. She’s going to have to deal with it and stay inside. Someone’s going to the vet when this is all over.

I’ve been trying to improve my state of being these past few days. Cut down a bit on the coffee and I’m drinking more water. The soma I flushed down the toilet, but not before I could take a piss on them. I’ve had some trouble falling asleep but otherwise, I’m dealing just fine.

The girl I met last night did end up coming over. She just left a few hours ago. Her name’s Michelle. We had a good time, although I’m not exactly proud of myself and the one-nighter I just pulled. She did tell me to text her as she got into her car. Does she want something more, or another repeat of last night? Do want something more? I don’t know. I’ve gotten myself all turned around. Where to go from here?



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