We are but reflections of
One another all.
We try to find ourselves but
We can never be pure
With so much
Ricochet light.
The roads we’ve walked are
Our only timestamp.
The things we’ve said only
Mirror dancing magic.
I am you and
You are me, but
Who was I to begin with?



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4 responses to “Reflections

  1. I ‘ve always love this idea that I am he as you are me as we are all together. Mirror dancing magic. I wish that I could a fly on the wall to see you come up with that one. Great work

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  2. Those kind of thoughts never come out of thin air there like envelopes waiting to be open. This is what I’ve been told, because when asked where does my work come from I use to say the same answer. They would tell me no it’s been there all the time just waiting to come out

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    • I disagree. The words were there, sure, but the arrangement? Why are certain poems written when they are written? Why do some come out of the night and others when the sun is shining? I believe there must be an external influence.


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