I returned from my hasty excursion last night. I drove up to St. Louis and then on to Chicago, only to turn around and come back home. No destination, no point except to get away and do some driving. It was exactly what I needed. I feel awakened and happy to be home again.

This morning I quit my job at the chemical plant. I had long grown tired of it and didn’t feel like working on Christmas day, although I have no family and no place to belong. I probably ought to find a new job, but for the time being I just need a while to kick back and do nothing. It’s what I’m good at. Unfortunately they don’t pay me enough to do as I please. Job hunting will commence with the new year.

Michelle is really starting to grow on me. In fact I’m falling pretty hard. She’s sweet, beautiful, intelligent, and her laughter is infectious. It’s wonderful just being around her. If I could have chosen anyone to spend the day with, it would have been her. Sadly she’s with her own family until sometime tomorrow, which ultimately means that I spent my Christmas alone. Good thing today was only another day for me, just like all the others, or I might be unhappy.
Merry Christmas everyone.



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