Trees and Cats and Preachers

Life continues as usual in my little house in the trees.
I’ve been spending some time in the forest. I’ve needed some time alone for some much needed reflection. It’s been peaceful. I’m not sure how much I’ve accomplished by way of personal reflection, as my time spent in the woods has been that of supreme silence. No thoughts, no worries, no home, no me left. I’m developing my own little addiction to the silence.
Sadly it’s raining today.

I was going to take Mintkey to be spayed after the new year, but she’s gone into heat again. Her constant meowing, calling and chortling echos through the house. I feel bad for her. She’s been extra affectionate, and has developed a little crush on Rudie, despite the fact that he has no balls left. She follows him around like an obsessed schoolgirl, occasionally getting a hot whiff of his ass before running away. She’s living dangerously now, Rudie does not play well with others. He’s managed to attack her twice so far. He is truly a wild cat, spending ninety percent of his time in the forest, rain or shine, snow or sleet, doing god knows what. Stalking, lounging, plotting. Cat stuff. He only comes home to eat and occasionally, to sleep. I want to be wild like Rudie. The forest calls me still.

Michelle wants me to meet her parents, which has made me a little uneasy. Her father is a preacher. A small town, southern preacher, by geographical default. I’ve met a few preachers in my time. I’m afraid that the ones who’ve been kind towards me, have only been on a mission to save my soul. A mission that was doomed from the beginning. I don’t trust them . . . Constantly trying to follow their own example along with the congregation. How much is real and how much an act taken from the pages of a book? Do they open such a book on a regular basis only to remind themselves who they’re trying to be? Do they go to bed at night filled with regret over their own personal shortcomings?, shortcomings that are only an integral part of their own personality, begging day by day to be set free?
Anyone who is not true to themselves, is a liar in my bible. But enough talk about preachers. I haven’t even met the guy yet. Maybe he’s cool. Maybe he’s real. Maybe I can be real too.




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5 responses to “Trees and Cats and Preachers

  1. No need to be nervous, I feel it will end well. Good luck!

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  2. Lawyers guns and preachers, now I lay me down to sleep. If he is the father of your women friend then approach him as such. Stop over thinking and enjoy the ride

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