The Life of a Tree

Briley used to tell me I was casting spells all the time, enchanting life around me with my words and intentions. I didn’t believe her. There was a time I thought she as crazy as I. Everyone’s a little crazy right? My beliefs are such a windy road when at every moment I must consider whether I am sane or insane. I have seen the effect that everything I do has on the things around me, the people I know, the things I hold dear.
I feel clear.
I’ve been watching things transpire in an impartial manner. I have seen the path from A to B in everything. It’s all very hypnotic. I swear, I can watch a tree change in a matter of minutes. Not grow or shift, but change inside. Do I sound crazy? I’m afraid I might, but this is all very beautiful to me. I suppose it’s possible I could be going through some sort of prodrome into full blown psychosis. I hope not. I don’t feel that’s the case.
I would rather call it an awakening.
Of course there’s the chance that all this is temporary, which is something I must accept. I’m keenly aware of the fleeting nature of things. I’m just riding this wave while it lasts.
As for now, the light and the darkness are equally beautiful to me.




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5 responses to “The Life of a Tree

  1. Being creative we see things differently this is what being creative does instead of seeing just a piece of bark we see it as a whole sculpture, I could go on and on but crazy most definitely not

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  2. Yes there is but crazy is not one of them not unless you want to be

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  3. Look crazy little thing that’s just gone crazy how did you get a name like crazy little thing didn’t you know you were crazy all a long
    Captain Beefheart

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