The Way Things Are

I’ve been busy these past few days with work. They wanted to train me for lunch and dinner shifts, so I was tasked with working two splits in a row, something I’ve not been entirely pleased with.Thankfully it’s over now and I survived. Minimal sleep, which isn’t the best remedy for symptoms of psychosis. Still I’ve somehow improved and the world is as it seems again. Unless I’ve completely lost it and I’m actually in a mental hospital somewhere, hallucinating that I’m working split shifts at a Japanese restaurant.

The place is actually run by Koreans. They set high standards. Very high. They like to talk to each other in Korean. It drives me nuts. Co-workers are tolerable. It’s a forty minute drive to work and I’m relying heavily on my car. I worry about her. She’s old. Still considering buying that Corvette, though it’s only a three-speed and gas mileage is an issue.
I’ve been so busy with all this work bullshit that I haven’t felt like writing poetry. It’s just the initial adjustment that’s throwing me off. Nothing can take it from me permanently.

Michelle has been amazing and very understanding of my little trip to insanity land. She’s very curious about what I experience and has bombarded me with questions left and right. I don’t mind. Now that I’m better things are back to normal which means plenty of evenings spent together, relaxing, going out, or otherwise. Sometimes she stays the night. Sometimes I stay at her place. Her apartment complex is situated adjacent to the cemetery. I’ve talked her into a couple of late night strolls in the cold amongst the gravestones. She’s so open to all concepts and never fails to surprise me. I love her and she knows it. She tells me she loves me too. Those words give me strength every day. Needless to say I’m beyond happy with our relationship. I’m glad I gave things time to sink in. I didn’t fall for her fast, which is unlike me, but I fell hard when it happened. I could write pages of her beauty and my complete fascination for everything she is, and all the mystery that still surrounds her every move, but sadly I don’t have the time. I would rather spend it with her.




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2 responses to “The Way Things Are

  1. You bounce back my friend I am so happy to hear that love still.conquered all, I am also please to hear the there is diversion something to take your mind off the obvious, great work my friend

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