My Prayer

I want to live.
I want to feel the heat as it flushes thru veins.
I want to hold that warmth before it wanes,
And let it radiate into relaxed ecstasy
As I sink into a mother’s embrace
And I smile in my own private space.
I want this moment to exist beyond pain.
The lengths I would go unaccompanied by shame.
I want to find my happy place.
I want the goosebumps to rise on my skin.
I want the cold to swallow my sins.
My arms and legs won’t be able to move
But I want to keep going, I want life to resume
In its own way
As electric shockwaves
Travel down my spine
While I’m sweating to escape
This most recent heatwave.
Hell, let it be what it may.
I have nothing to give, but still,
I want to live.


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