Inside Me

Inside me the honey will spill over
And the wolves will leave their den.
There’s something inside crashing
In waves coming and going again.
A restlessness, a sudden spark
rises and falls to a perpetual beat.
The trees outside will grow their leaves
To a sudden still and balmy heat.
I see all things turning inside out
And changing from the outside in.
Still here I am a stagnant form
Watching mother nature spin
Her web of life and warmth and beauty.
Watching trees turn to lonely miles
Every step is a newfound belief
On this path my own two feet defile.
Where is my vision?
Does straight up denial
Remove real-life trials?
Where is my answer in all this noise?
How much is simply mind debris?
Where is the purest reality light?
What has stirred to life inside of me?


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