I Miss. . .

There are so many things I miss these days. I miss my mother, I miss my father. I miss warm walks in the woods. I miss evenings in the truck with my friend Brian. I miss me when I’m feeling myself and the things I could do when I was whole and alive and healthy. I miss the warm summer air and the smell of the trees in the forest. I miss Briley and her gentle touch, when I gave her my all without regret. I miss my home, which is wholly the same, minus that feeling that things are okay. I miss days on the carport simply enjoying the warm air and the birds singing. I miss my heart that was vulnerable, letting it all in with doors wide open.
Now the doors are shut.
There is too much at stake to admit wordless feeling. I’m too old to care and too young to survive such an onslaught of the cruelty of reality.


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