Preemptive Conclusions

Any story is an ending
From cover pages first beginning,
For time will make it so.
But I wonder on my own
If tomorrow’s seeds are sown
From heroic deeds
Or ineffable grief.
We’ve a ways to go.
Is there a difference for a heart
That has strived all alone
Through this battlefield?
My fate is sealed
But this veil won’t yield.
Established endings
Won’t yet be revealed.



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2 responses to “Preemptive Conclusions

  1. I often struggle sometimes when certain “negative” things happen to me…I wonder if it’s karma coming back to kick me in the a** or if I projected the event and as a result it happened…or is it all just a random bit of coincidence? To end the drama, I try not to analyze the situation so much for if I do, I always wind up getting upset because God, Buddha, Jesus, and whoever else is “in charge” never answers my questions as if, yes LaVancia, that is the exact reason why…so if it feels to me like karma I simply laugh at myself for being human and move on…Hugs, LaVancia

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