Goodbye Kitty

Good morning cat.
I’m tired, cat.
Won’t you rub my back, cat?
At least let me complain
About my night, cat.

Oh, but you were there,
And you say
It’s morning already.

I must be barking
Up the wrong tree, kitty.
Or perhaps you’re climbing
The wrong rooftop,
Dragging polished claws
Through shingles.

A housecat’s sense of play
Requires murder all the same.

Sorry, cat, I almost forgot
You can’t help being
What you’re wrought.



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2 responses to “Goodbye Kitty

  1. songtothesirens

    I liked the end about only being what you are made, and acting accordingly. I have a cat (I hnave always had cats) and she provides endless love, weirdness, and general strange “catness”. But only as long as I feed her…..she likes to wake me up by staring at me. All strange traits aside, no being can be anything except what it is.

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