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The Key

The stone door opens
As the key turns on,
Growling and rumbling
As it moves along.
I must have been
In that room for days,
But compassion, they say
Is only for the strong.

I carry here
This sacred key that
Only one with a heart
Could truly see.
It unlocks the door to
The deepest pain,
But compassion, they say
Is only for the brave.

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For so long,
My words have been
Echos and
My voice,
Clouds of steam.
My handwriting,
Little labyrinths
That no one can read.
I’ve forgotten
What my center
Is supposed
To feel like.
I’ve been living
In the margins
Of my own life.

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Let your eyes
Be torn away
By utter dismay
And chaos.
For beauty
Waits to be born.
She is unadorned
And shy.
She makes a sad distraction
So she can pull herself to life.

Whatever hardships come
They’re just an opening to love.

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Of a Feather

The mockingbird explained
How not to be afraid.
The hawk
Soared high
When I asked for a sign.
The egret has shown
How to stand on my own.
And I never believed I could fly.

Til I died.


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Buddha’s Hard to Paraphrase

Not during tomorrow
Or some far off hell . .
Sin’s child sits here
In our little snail shells.

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Your words are so
They always make me feel
Like seeded arid land
Finally exposed
To the rain.

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream — Giovanni Boldini

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Looking Back

Looking back, mediocrity
Was an illusory allusion.
I see now, all the times,
When life turned and
began to rhyme.
Little winks of light from
Some penultimate sway.
I could sit here and count
Those secret rhymes
all day.
Everything must matter
For what’s rendered in only
Invisible way.
Preventative measures and
Sunken treasures I find,
I exist for today while
The darkest maze
Lights up and


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Letting Go

What it means
To truly be free,
Is to hold the child
Inside of me,
And promise him,
“It will be okay.”
Until the pain
Just floats away.

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On the Fly

On the fly,
Electrically laden
Garrulous statement
Takes time.
Tomorrow’s world
As I know
The sun
In autumn cloud sky.
Although it’s summer.
It’s summer and the sun is high.
It was worth more than needles
From tryptophan pine.
To pine for completion
All the while
On the fly.

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