Just a quickie

I’m not dead.
Though I wanted people to believe I was.
I’ve been in the hospital, again. My longest stay since the first.
I’m doing much better but I’ll have to stay on top of it every day for the rest of my life if I want to avoid getting back to where I’ve been.
It was very impulsive of me to behave as I did.
I’m sorry everyone.
I plan on only posting poetry from now on.
None of that life story crap.
We’ll be seeing each other soon enough.



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4 responses to “Just a quickie

  1. I’m glad you’re not dead. Now it’s time to work on being alive. *positive vibes*


    • And here I’ve been lying awake in bed wondering why I feel so damn good. Actually I think I’m entering a manic phase. Haven’t slept right all week. Really nothing I can do but enjoy this and keep taking all my meds.
      It’s nice to hear from you again. 🙂

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  2. Unfortunately it was not just impulsive, but extremely hurtful and traumatizing for more people than just me.

    I know you can’t really grasp it, and that those who weren’t involved might take this lightly. Just thought I’d say it. Again.


    • You are always welcome to speak your mind here.
      I wish my actions that day hadn’t caused so much damage to others, but, as I’ve said, there is nothing I can do now to take back what happened. I’m truly sorry.


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