The lonely night
Denies itself
It’s self-lover’s kiss,
And so the mind
Might force itself
Into the darkest abyss.

What lies inside is
Self-made phantoms
Denied light
And holy anthems.

Years make fools
Of the blind until
Compassion just dies.



Filed under blindness, compassion, darkness, night, poem, poetry, ptsd, suppression

5 responses to “Imposition

  1. songtothesirens

    Interesting imagery. I like the last stanza. One should never be so foolish as to lose their sense of compassion.

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    • Foolish, or damaged? Perhaps both.


      • songtothesirens

        Perhaps both. I think both the foolish and especially the damaged have a limited capacity for compassion.

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        • It can go both ways with the damaged. When you’ve experienced enough pain it’s easy to recognize suffering in others. Compassion for the self must come first though and that is one of the major barriers for broken people like me.


          • songtothesirens

            I do not think you are broken. Cracked maybe, but not completely broken or you would not express yourself the way you do.

            Compassion for the self is probably the hardest thing to learn. It is easy to see the damage in other people and have compassion for them, especially when you feel damaged yourself. I am still working out that life lesson myself. Where I will let someone else off the hook because they had a hard life or whatever caused the damage they experience, I have found that I actually blame myself frequently for being “broken”.

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