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Til Death do us Part

No degree of mournful longing
Would be enough,
And so we must
Chase our cherished ones from dust
To everlasting dust.

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Separation is key.
I cast a line thru paper
To break up the verses.
Writing is free.
I cast a line thru paper
While in my mind a line rehearses.
The line is me.
I hold no substance
And I’m too drained to find a rhyme.
Separation is key.
In these lines I’ll never find
Any semblance of divine.
I commit a verse to paper,
And then I cast a line.

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Innocuous faults slip sideways down cooler springs.
Remembrance of thoughts slide headlong to deeper dreams.
It’s not the same,
When yesterday could have torn open its fray.
Things always change,
When head and heart find each other astray.

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Real Estate

In hollow words
And feline sharp,
With piercing mutual eye remarks,
The spell was cast
And the traitors froze,
As the shadows of the dead arose.
The doors blew open
And the stairwells cried.
“This is the room where tomorrow died.”

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He f
And f
And kept on falling,
[[Encased in stone and]]
[[Darkness appalling.]] 
There would be
No end to the fall.
And the bottom
May not come at all.
But the fear won't relent.
It's too late to repent
When all two feet
Have stepped over the cliff___________

God, how did it
Come to this?
Where did it go wrong?
Elusive hope won't show him
He's been floating all along.

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What I feel
Can’t be expressed
With placid words.
They would have to be yelled.
Something would have to be thrown.
Something fragile.
But would it be enough?
Feelings are forever caged.

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A strangeness perceived
When you look in my eyes,
For behind them I am horrified.
Tears of blood streaming
And fingers wringing as voices say
“We’ll wash our hands tonight.”
For a twisted mind
It’s no surprise
That something’s wrong
Behind my eyes.

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There are footprints in the snow
That lead to my home.
There are noises upstairs.
Am I really alone?
I’m easily startled,
Will this fear ever end?
A heartbeat’s my sidekick
And terror’s my friend.

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The Eye of the Storm

Noisy ghosts and
demonic hosts
Rearrange it all.

There’s a scratching in my wall.

There’s glass on the floor.

Love has died at my front door.

Until tomorrow’s fall.

My heart is so poor,
Just a start and I’ll be gone.

To join the ghosts that lurk these halls.


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