A sonnet one never grieved

There is no other way
To return where I came
On the highway.
These miles are my disgrace
And I can’t show my face
For my heartache.

This is my last escape
My final escapade
To cover all my tracks
There’s nothing for me there
Or here, or anywhere,

For when I prayed I cried out all my tears
But there’s no remedy for the years
What I am made is only just my fears.
Still somewhere i hope
A few more miles and I’ll be free
From this disease.

But there’s no
Sweet release
Til I let it go.

My heart must postpone it,
Those moments,
That shatter my only hopes
And leave me all alone.
There is just one way soar
And I’ll never learn
When my angel wings are burned.

And when I finally feel free
The world falls out from under me.
I pretend there’s nothing that I need
To deny the sprout of any seed.
I think I’m in hell.
Just a few more miles before
I’m aware
My end is near.


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