Tears tear down barriers 

To escape

This wretched mind

And all its mistakes.

I ask my love,

Have you ever seen a man

Cry like this?

She says yes;

My late husband,

Before his self inflicted death.

Pain too great to comprehend.

I snap in the wind

When my branches can no longer bend.

Tell me this moment

Could be the end

To all the pain.

But it never is.

It stays the same,

Or gets worse all along.

And my inner heart screams

I’m doing everything wrong.

I just want to escape,

For the hour is too far

Too late

To recover any 

Meaningful thing.

Soul-sickness far beyond

Simple self-loathing.

I’m hurting you.

It’s killing me.

A handful of pills

And a drink

Relieves the pain



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