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Clouds of Grey

A house is not a home 

For the images of storms reborn in scorn.

I wake in the mornings to say

Fuck not again.

The sun is gone when

Clouds are always seeping 

Through the fringe.

The darkness and

The silence

Insist they are my friends.

There are no rules when

It winds down to

Someone’s end.

I close my eyes and die

Repeatedly again.


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My Mintkey. Her Johnny.


My Mintkey
Her Johnny
Our love.
What stars above
Have felt
The brightness shine
As herself?
Monument to all
That we’re meant
To live for,
Or else.
Even though
She barely
Trumps an elf
On the floor.


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A jewel among

The muck and the slime

A most perfect portrait 

Of innocence 

Sent from the divine.

She is love incarnate 

And I know

Oh I know

I can never let her go.

I will forego my meals

To see she is full.

My cat. My love…

When I feel your body cold 

There will be every reason 

For me to let go.


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She raises the topic

Again and again

Of the real me

That hides inside.

The thought carries

No pleasantries

As that living

Feeling thing

Is a scarred and beaten

Frightened and tortured 

Bereft little child.

I have hidden it 

Down darkest halls

But still it symbolizes

What went wrong.

Let’s not bring up

That topic again.

Lest I tear my own

Heart out

And stomp it.

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Some of you may wonder
Only upon seeing
How a single human being
Can withstand all this.
I can’t.
There goes your answer
For every inane disaster,
But only I can tell you
I’m not making up this shit.

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somatoform disease,
i couldn’t walk for a week.
barbed wire wrapped around my bones
and each movement made a shriek.
i crawled on dirty carpet
and glass and hospital floors,
but no one ever helped me
they just made me feel ignored.
unimaginable pain.
i would pass out here and there.
the nurses told me to stop screaming
if i wanted proper care.
three thousand dollars
for a free humiliation.
no treatment for the pain
and no quick retaliation.
i crawled out of the hospital
tried to hide my snot and tears.
it’s all the same everywhere i go
it just confirms my fears.
piled bills are all reminders
of an act of inhumanity.
every time i turn for help
death steps a little closer to me.

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Seven strangers 

Meanwhile seven strangers

Have come around the bend.

I saw her in my dreams

But she is not a one of them.

Shattered screen 

Flat tire

Bent rim


No food and no


And bills stacked up a mile.

Perhaps they’re not as strange to me

As I had firstly thought.

Misfortune is my friend.

With it we’ll raze this world to naught.

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Please Help Me

“Please help me”
are the only words
I send to the beyond.
And all day
I stay in bed
To chase my dreams
Until they’re gone.
To them
I’m just an animal
To throw against the wall.
To me
I guess I’m lucky
To get any curse at all.

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