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How you decorate yourself;
Covered in candy and flowers
And all of their leaves.
There must be a way
To see what’s beneath,
But you’ve adorned yourself down
All the way to your feet.
Roses are thorns
When a prick is a peek.

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You’re beautiful
As a poem that writes itself.
As a monument that rights itself.
As a sacred candle that lights itself.
As a mirror image like myself.

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Let your eyes
Be torn away
By utter dismay
And chaos.
For beauty
Waits to be born.
She is unadorned
And shy.
She makes a sad distraction
So she can pull herself to life.

Whatever hardships come
They’re just an opening to love.

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Your words are so
They always make me feel
Like seeded arid land
Finally exposed
To the rain.

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Dark Goddess


Dark woman dons faience
Over three grand old;
Casual as Cleopatra
In her Chrysocolla and Gold.

Or so curiosity’sĀ told.

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