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My heart lies empty on the bathroom floor.
My mind can’t stand the light anymore.
It illuminates my darkest places.
I am gone.

My world reduced to piles of ash
And no one bothers to stop and ask
“How are you doing Johnny?”
I’m gone. Thanks for asking.
My loneliness in darkest poetry
makes infrasound of songs.

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Innocuous faults slip sideways down cooler springs.
Remembrance of thoughts slide headlong to deeper dreams.
It’s not the same,
When yesterday could have torn open its fray.
Things always change,
When head and heart find each other astray.
Lost is the name.
With a darkness so ingrained
And a heartache so deep,
The cracks in the walls
Are lined up to repeat
The meadowlark sings on her weary heartstrings.
The walls of the sick man forever deranged.

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The Trees

It may be sunny but
There’s something dark out there.
I’ve smelled it in the bushes.
I’ve heard it in the trees.
Your trusty compass
Won’t work out there.
It will turn you all around.
It will only mislead.
Stay away from the forest
If you value your days.
Your darkest monsters will encroach
And turn your world to blackest maze.

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He f
And f
And kept on falling,
[[Encased in stone and]]
[[Darkness appalling.]] 
There would be
No end to the fall.
And the bottom
May not come at all.
But the fear won't relent.
It's too late to repent
When all two feet
Have stepped over the cliff___________

God, how did it
Come to this?
Where did it go wrong?
Elusive hope won't show him
He's been floating all along.

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The lonely night
Denies itself
It’s self-lover’s kiss,
And so the mind
Might force itself
Into the darkest abyss.

What lies inside is
Self-made phantoms
Denied light
And holy anthems.

Years make fools
Of the blind until
Compassion just dies.


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Happy Family

102_0177They say that what’s on your fridge says a lot about you.
I think?

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Train wreck tripping.
no substance required,
the fear sets in,
cold follows.

No amount of heat
Will ever cover this loss.

You try to cull the fear…
But no amount of heaving
Will eliminate the feeling.

Something is terribly wrong.
So so wrong.

Excruciating breath.
You’ve no choice
But to feel.

Your very soul
Hitches a ride with
Every exhale.

Terrifying world.
You try to distract,
Even SpongeBob
Becomes a divine tragedy.

No escape.
Closed eyes
Held breath
Heat cranked…

Vine entwined trees
With roots so deep
Die beyond your eyes.


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See Feelingly

I see feelingly.
Like a blind man
could touch
A lover
or a
Hot stove.

Useless eyes.
Darkness looms and
mocks me.
It strangles
even as
it’s open wide.

It has weight
but can it ever
Hold Water.
It pulls
Me like
A cliff.

I feel the

straight through.
Fear itself.

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Razed from Darkness

Every shadow is stalked by compassion.
Because for all my dark and sinful actions. . .
My guttural rage and primitive fuck passions,
A Blue light razed me from darkness below.
Gave me only a moment to seize what I’d sewn.
To behold vertex; plateaued meadows so green
Had I known, I’d have died just to dream of these things.

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