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Wash, rinse, repeat, repeat. . .

Time’s no circle 

But it rhymes.

I bet my last minutes

And a dime.

There is no limit

To how long we die

And no faith in it

To ask how or why.

Birth is to begin

A drawn out end

And no validation

To the pain of elimination.

I can’t get there fast enough

When the rivers run dry

And the road is rough.

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Devil’s Drum

Not worth the time

Of what could be

When sadness plays

In litany

(hazardously free)

And validation

Never comes

For with no eyes-

no heart to love..

(below or above)

The blackest panther 

In the room

Is just the moments.

They are my doom.

(a sad little tune)

Do not slave

My heart to run.

It gallops and bucks

Like the devil’s drum.

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In the dark

I relax.

Unlike in the light. .

When my soul reacts

And all my miniscule

And lofty flaws

Cast shadows on the wall

Over ten feet tall.

This is my space

And with my disgrace

I sleep, I live,

With nothing but the me,

The useless me

To give.

A broken thing.

A compressed scream.

There is no one roundabout 

Or here,

To make my downfall

Any more clear.

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Set free at last.

Me to the future,

You to the past.

Separated by years and years,

But I see you on the telly

And I’ve tasted your tears.

I’m there in your heart

And you’re in mine.

There is no touch,

But I see me in

Your mind,

And mine in yours.

I guess it will have 

To be sufficient

If you and I

Are not to forget it.

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Let it Ring

If you’d pick up

Your mobile line,

No need to talk of

Perpetual decline. .

Tell me where you are;

What you’re doing. .

That your smile is

Still soothing,

And I will sadly say

That the haunts control my day

And each is worse than

The last

Over and again

And that life

Without your love

Must have been

The original sin.

Don’t you ever give up on me.

As I’ve long done

With society.

Pick up your fucking

Phone for once.

I’ll be polite.

I’ll ask you to lunch.

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This phantom of a ghostly voice

Hides beneath the stellar noise

Of mind and heart forever warring

With thoughts and visions surely soaring


To another day,

With only tomorrow in the way.

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It’s trial and error

That chills my blood.

Bore to be the bearer

Of the error if you should.

Scorned to see the wearer

Of the faces in the woods.

Born to take whatever

Without guessing if I could.

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Get out while you still can

I feel I’ve woken up

From a long nightmare,

While I know tomorrow’s hatred

Comes in one and a pear.

Picking up the pieces

Scattered dimes in a minute,

And wait for them to fall

When my heart’s not in it.

I miss the wise old monk

Who has departed from this town. .

I now wait only for the winter

To cast her petty minions down.

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These tracks go on

For a thousand miles.

A wide grin.

A toothy smile.

A bumpy ride

For broken bones

And cavities

Are more than holes.

I’m alone as she

Looks up at me

And turns my frown

To mockery.

The titter tatter

Of the train

That’s spanned my thoughts

For days and days.

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Gone Wrong

Where are your eyes

When your soul has fled

To desires unmet?

From pain in protest?

When did they see

It was worse all along?

Your heart has gone.

Again and again

Has all meaning gone wrong.

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