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Innocuous faults slip sideways down cooler springs.
Remembrance of thoughts slide headlong to deeper dreams.
It’s not the same,
When yesterday could have torn open its fray.
Things always change,
When head and heart find each other astray.
Lost is the name.
With a darkness so ingrained
And a heartache so deep,
The cracks in the walls
Are lined up to repeat
The meadowlark sings on her weary heartstrings.
The walls of the sick man forever deranged.


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some sick deranged violence
almost turned me to a killer.
some motherfucking psycho
almost made me who he was.
some heartless sufferer
gave his suffering to me
and i almost passed it on
to the innocent.
you could have made me
and i believe you did.
but not hateful as you
with all your cruelty
i somehow managed
to overcome.

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Backwards Thinking

Without the curse

Of cold separation,

How can

Pain be grasped?


More difficultly,


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