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Musical Nature

Tired lands;
Soundwaves of
Tired songs.

Bracing for Winter.
But the brace has
Remained too long.

EQ slightly off . . .

Phase cancellations
Have an ending
To pull off.

Quiescent leaves
Throw the spark off the weave.

Winter is coming
For a landscape bereaved.

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Jumping on this Throwback Thursday Train

Here’s some forest porn–better quality pictures–from times over the last year in a half that my fear left me and I managed some adventures. Hope you like.

Since I can’t write three lines without complaining: I’ve had a fifteen hour migraine. It’s not severe, but my concentration is dead. I really need to borrow a shovel. Anyone?

Also I have no Idea what’s happening here.

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Summer’s Dream

Subsequent to Winter
Easing cold into Spring,
Persephone returned with her home
Florescence once again.

Ambiguous seasons splinter
On a white recurring dream,
when Ice and Snow won’t wait to cling
the still green Summer leaves.

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