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January 23, 17 · 4:53 PM

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January 23, 17 · 11:53 AM

Today is national My Cats Day

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January 21, 17 · 2:02 PM


January 21, 17 · 12:47 PM

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January 21, 17 · 11:35 AM

Mass Grave

For the nightmare of all dreamers

And of a monster’s dream,

Meant to murder all your townsfolk

Lured alone to the scene,

The disaffected stars are gone

In the places no one’s ever been. .

(or, in that case, will never be again)
Tried but true,

Blamed and bruised.

We may know the difference

Between love and abuse,

But walls come up

And walls crash down

And dirt is thrown over

The residents of town.

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East and West

In those old days

We sat at ear level.

You were the saint,

And I was the devil.

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Minty Fresh

I’m on fire like the sun

And I’m hollow as the moon,

So say the wise if I ring out of tune.

And every wayward drunken misstep

Was just the song of my regret,

And all that monkey business

Were oscillations caught between us

Tolling death.

I think I’d rather have

The Minty Fresh.

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Wash, rinse, repeat, repeat. . .

Time’s no circle 

But it rhymes.

I bet my last minutes

And a dime.

There is no limit

To how long we die

And no faith in it

To ask how or why.

Birth is to begin

A drawn out end

And no validation

To the pain of elimination.

I can’t get there fast enough

When the rivers run dry

And the road is rough.

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The purest form of love

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January 6, 17 · 2:10 AM