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Manic is

A sleepless night

And singing

Wayward songs,

Talking miles to myself

And my cats

And your spectre eyes

And the wall.

Sitting still

Is not enough.

Heat rises

In the sloping heart

As it continues

Thump by thump.

Don’t go to sleep

Don’t close your eyes as

Sadness awaits

The other side.

One more cup of

Coffee please.

I grind my teeth.

I skin my knees.


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Wait for me.
Please wait for me?
I don’t know where you’ve gone.
Although you’ve up and
You must be somewhere
All along?
Race for you.
I’m racing for you.
I feel it faster every day.
Your absence growing
Every year
But still you fit my words
Like clay.

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gone forever
No north star wishes
mean You’ll ever be near
In the billions of years
of this universal spinning gear.
But you’re absence is so much
Deeper than it all.

Dead to space,

Scratched off roll call.

Deader than air. 
Where your heart
That cared so much
Disappeared from there.Portraits_of_the_mind_p216

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Your loss
Becomes a promise.
One day, it all burns away.
and everything I’ve known
Leaves me lost, hurting and stray.

Your silence
Becomes a torrent.
A screaming watery rage.
Threatening to ruin
it all. Every. Last. Page.

Your absence
Becomes the symbol
for every loss I’ve ever known.
And every word I’ve said
Misunderstood, Alone. 


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