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They’re Coming

Jehovah’s witnesses

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Sunshine Ginny

Maybe I should be taking photographs with a real camera instead of my phone, though if I get it just right and my hands stop shaking, they turn out alright.

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So much for changing the sheets

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February 2, 17 · 4:11 PM


Enemies from day one

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Yin and Yang

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January 28, 17 · 7:33 PM

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January 23, 17 · 11:53 AM

Today is national My Cats Day

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January 21, 17 · 2:02 PM

The purest form of love

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January 6, 17 · 2:10 AM

My Mintkey. Her Johnny.


My Mintkey
Her Johnny
Our love.
What stars above
Have felt
The brightness shine
As herself?
Monument to all
That we’re meant
To live for,
Or else.
Even though
She barely
Trumps an elf
On the floor.


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A jewel among

The muck and the slime

A most perfect portrait 

Of innocence 

Sent from the divine.

She is love incarnate 

And I know

Oh I know

I can never let her go.

I will forego my meals

To see she is full.

My cat. My love…

When I feel your body cold 

There will be every reason 

For me to let go.


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