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Sunshine Ginny

Maybe I should be taking photographs with a real camera instead of my phone, though if I get it just right and my hands stop shaking, they turn out alright.

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So much for changing the sheets

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February 2, 17 · 4:11 PM


Enemies from day one

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Yin and Yang

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January 28, 17 · 7:33 PM


No mother, no father.

No sisters or brothers,

Grandparents or a lover,

Just my cats but

They don’t talk back

Though I wish they would,

But maybe it’s good.

Nor do they even

Make a sound

When they make their way

Down to the ground

But I do.

I am shunned and abandoned

Or I have shunned. .

But I’m lonely too.

Are you?

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January 23, 17 · 11:53 AM

Today is national My Cats Day

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January 21, 17 · 2:02 PM

The purest form of love

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January 6, 17 · 2:10 AM

The Bobcat 

There’s a bobcat in the cupboard 

While the house cat plays outside.

Darkness shows reflected eyes

While smooth fur reflects sunshine.

The wild is insidious

But the tame go out to play,

This bobcat must be exorcised

There is no other way.

I chased him out with bravery

And rage and guts of steel,

Only to return and find

He hasn’t left my field.

I thought I’d have to drive him off

To keep him from my own,

But a closer look descries the fact

He’s a housecat with no home.

The wild hid in darkness

For years and stretched out miles,

Now I find it docile 

And as playful as a child.

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Feline Advice

I asked my cat
“What am I supposed to do?”
And she replied with a little chortle,
So lighthearted.
As if it would be that easy.
Innocence always replies
With the sweetest of advice.
To take it would be sagely wise.
I’m so stuck in these heavy thoughts.
I’m so alone in a spiral of loss.
Just a chortle will do.
I’ll go out and find the brightest full moon
And pull it down for you, my cat,
Who gives such good advice
That I can’t take.
Like the darkness of night
And the sun can’t relate.

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