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Sacrificial Love

A most ethereal

Creature of darkness


Wandering dark, cold hallways

And emerging

To take advantage 

Of young girls

And their insecurities

Has found himself caught 

In a most insatiable trap.

Granting wishes

When stars align,

And for a million years

It’s been the same.

Until one day

Innocence wished

For his love

And he deteriorated 

To human form

To suffer the pain

Of existence scorned.

All for love.

All for love.

He is angry 

In this suffering.

To release omnipotence

For a human form.

He’ll suffer through,

And in the end

He’ll return.

Taking her with him

To wander dark hallways

No longer alone.

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The Trees

It may be sunny but
There’s something dark out there.
I’ve smelled it in the bushes.
I’ve heard it in the trees.
Your trusty compass
Won’t work out there.
It will turn you all around.
It will only mislead.
Stay away from the forest
If you value your days.
Your darkest monsters will encroach
And turn your world to blackest maze.

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