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Manic is

A sleepless night

And singing

Wayward songs,

Talking miles to myself

And my cats

And your spectre eyes

And the wall.

Sitting still

Is not enough.

Heat rises

In the sloping heart

As it continues

Thump by thump.

Don’t go to sleep

Don’t close your eyes as

Sadness awaits

The other side.

One more cup of

Coffee please.

I grind my teeth.

I skin my knees.


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Seven strangers 

Meanwhile seven strangers

Have come around the bend.

I saw her in my dreams

But she is not a one of them.

Shattered screen 

Flat tire

Bent rim


No food and no


And bills stacked up a mile.

Perhaps they’re not as strange to me

As I had firstly thought.

Misfortune is my friend.

With it we’ll raze this world to naught.

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Please Help Me

“Please help me”
are the only words
I send to the beyond.
And all day
I stay in bed
To chase my dreams
Until they’re gone.
To them
I’m just an animal
To throw against the wall.
To me
I guess I’m lucky
To get any curse at all.

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Rock Bottom

Life has gone and love is spent.

I’m rabid in my countenance.

I fall I fall I hit the ground,

The cycle spinning round and round.

And if you fell as hard as me

You’d be impaled

Far far beneath the sea.

But I can’t even fall asleep.

Irony loves company.

Be gone from me, I’m used to this

I’m holding life in balled up fists.

No chance, no chance,

The pattern persists.

If I could only wake when I’m over this.

Though by that time I’ll be long dead,

With memories of loss at stead.

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