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My Pet Illusion

This is a rough sketch of a recurring hallucination I have. He mostly chills behind the tv stand but at night he comes prowling and no matter how many times I’ve seen it, it still scares the hell out of me.


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Lesser Keys


At the library this morning .Sometimes my damn wifi goes berserk when I connect with my windows 8 computer. Then it just goes along resetting itself for hours. Also realized I had some overdue books. Owed a fair deal of money. I always forget to call to recheck everything out.

This little scribble I hand-copied from a book called “The Lesser Keys of Solomon”. Interesting stuff. That man was just as mad as I am. I wouldn’t recommend it to any devout Christians. Thought I’d give a shot at writing a poem to accompany it.

 The sky became the moon
And the Moon reduced the Sky.
A voice sweeter than a whisper.
Than the millions of heavens
That rest on your mind.

The tower has a ways to go
But in time the Sky will open up
And my heart will burst
To beautiful open Meadows.
I'm sure of it.

And though I may ever fly,
Safer havens of Red and Gold
Patiently await my return.
Redwood, Compassion and Grace -
Hidden stories. Finally told.

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