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There is only imitation

In grains of matter;

In rays of spattered light.

Nothing you could

Dare to scatter

Or enrapture in my life.

So I say goodbye 

Though I commend you for trying.

I’ve come to like

These empty rooms

And echoes like tombs.

Wouldn’t you?

I think I’d rather

Be alone.

Don’t come around,

There’s no one home.



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Gone Wrong

Where are your eyes

When your soul has fled

To desires unmet?

From pain in protest?

When did they see

It was worse all along?

Your heart has gone.

Again and again

Has all meaning gone wrong.

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Beyond Empty

There is emptiness in longing too,
It’s evident to see.
Like the blue-red flame
that seeks mass
But will never be.
Or the room under the stairs
Too deep for the light to seek.
The tree too far afield
To ever spread its seed.
There is emptiness in longing too.
But I’ve moved beyond empty.

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Misery’s afoot
And she’s slinking through doors.
I try to retreat
But my curtain
Doesn’t reach the floor.
There must be
A place for all this pain.
It hides
Within me
Memorizing my name.
That old tattered
Chest black as ages at best
Has swept through
The years and found me in here.
Is it
Within me or do I
Hide within?
Is it
The darkness
Or am I
Full of sin?
There’s no place
Left for empty spaces.
Am no being
Only emptiness weaving.

Hope is gone.
Days are long.
Someone tell me
I’m wrong.
The ages
Are years
Only fueled
By tears.

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I’ll Follow You

The years have been hard
And as you know lonely.
Perhaps less for you and more for me. . .
Who knows?
You’ve watched me try
To fill the empty spaces
That were left by you alone. . .
But none were as empty as you.

I clutch my neck and feel
My nails dig into my skin.
The feeling reminds me of you, although
You never really did it, did you?
Funny how memory distorts
Myth from reality.
And you have been a myth
For so long.

It’s you. It’s always been you.
You showed me darkness
Along with gold that twined and touched your heart.
It’s gone now. I sold it.
And I have nothing left.
Nothing to cling.
No picture to hold.
But I won’t need them anymore.

I’m coming home
To my first love,
Call me Oedipus or call me dumb.
There is no more.
I’ve said enough.
Lest the masses grasp me
With their greasy hands
And try to keep me from you again.


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I have stripped myself
Of every bare defence.
Every lie,
Every meaning I denied.
I’m nothing now.
Feeling comfort in my skin.
For nothing I will die
As nothing I begin.

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The Vault

As I peeked inside the box
That contains my memories,
I found it as a tomb;
Sterile of life and
Cold and empty.
Full of so many years
Of decay and rot.
Repulsing my nose and
Reminding me again,
That there’s nothing left within
The years I’ve left behind.
So long gone are they all.
Memories of death
Are all that’s left and so
I can’t look back.
In fact,
I left that vault
When I denied my life
So many years ago.


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Happy Family

102_0177They say that what’s on your fridge says a lot about you.
I think?

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To all my friends here on WordPress:
(Yes, I consider each of you a friend. The lot of you have seen more deeply into my feelings and personal life than those whom I actually know in real life.)

I just haven’t felt like writing these past couple of days. I’m here to announce the fact rather than make a brief disappearance without any explanation. I’m not entirely sure why my muses have left me, but they have. This is certainly temporary as all things are. My resumption could be this afternoon, it could be a week from now. I have no idea.

In fact, I’ve been having trouble finding something I enjoy. I can’t focus enough to even read. Perhaps if I were not properly medicated this could be a full blown state of depression, or mania, or even psychosis. Thankfully I’m alright–I’m none of those things currently. I’ve felt a bit like an empty shell. I’ve even tried to buy myself a bag of weed to inject some excitement and emotion back into my days. Thankfully, or not, everyone seems to be dry at the moment, so I’ve not been able to go through with that little impulse.

Long story short, I really am okay. A little bored. A bit dull, but alright. This will pass. When it does, I’ll be back to my old antics again.

–“Bored Before I Even Began”


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A little emptiness for your morning cup.

Heaven’s deserted.

Gates are sealed.

God escaped his prison

a long time ago

to off himself

with a two by four.

He left us here still dancing.

Empty as Paradise.

A slightly awkward hello to those who’ve followed me over the last week. I’m new to WordPress and wasn’t expecting so many poets and seemingly like minds. It reeks of talent here and it sickens me! A psychosomatism brought on by my own inadequacies. 

On average I may spend twenty minutes to complete a poem. This little half-ass clam shell river-rock of prose came to life as quickly as the words could shoot through my head. 

Well, no one’s perfect right? I have good weeks, bad weeks and can you guess what week it is today?

Oh, and I’m in love. I’m also in denial about it. Thus no sappy love poetry. 

Just more of my bullshit.


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