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We were nearly to the middle

Of what should have been said

But I pulled out my phone

And wrote this poem instead.

No halfway point

Is a hopeful place to stay,

For you will keep plopping

At each halfway along the way.

Fractions don’t end,

And neither will this,

For avoidance when achieved

Is bliss.


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An idea of infinity

Let theory come about

That times change without 


Dreaming is

The only way to keep

The ghosts at bay.

While you conjure

Imagination creates

Some other world lost

In my head.

There must be universes in there

She said.

And I laughed but

Something about it

Wasn’t funny.

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Heaven Knows

What triggers the alarm for me

Is the long lost law of infinity

That shines in your eyes

When you wake from sleep

And you’re countless conscious

fathoms deep.

It’s no surprise

The tide will rise,

And heaven knows

How hard I tried. . .

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Infinity Remains

Our love is the vessel
That sails through the ocean
That flows through our hearts
Where infinity dips
Into a heavenly moment.
And oh how a moment wanes.
It sinks into the ocean.
But infinity remains.

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I've seen an eternity
and all I could find
was a moment.
Because eternity
Doesn't stretch from                            side             to              side.
It rises
                 into infinity.
And all I am in this moment
Is all a life can ever be.
A moment's worth of heaven
Lives unendlessly in me.

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